Sunday, July 17, 2011

Frittata = Squash Blossom + Highland Farm Manchego

Yields 1 Frittata
what you need:
Onion Spanish large, sliced julienne, 4 oz
Extra virgin olive oil, 1 oz
Fresh eggs, whipped, 4 each
Salt and pepper, to taste

Highland Farm Manchego cheese, 2 oz
Squash Blossoms, large slice, 3 each
how you make it:
1. In a non-stick pan, sweat the onions in the olive oil over medium heat until tender.

2. Remove the onions from the oil and carefully add them to the whipped eggs.
3. Using the same non- stick pan and oil, add the squash blossoms and cook gently until wilted.
4. Add the whipped egg and onion mixture to the squash.

5. Disperse the manchego cheese evenly through the egg mixture. 
6. Over medium heat, cook the frittata until the bottom is lightly caramelized, and ¾ of the egg body is stiff. Flip to the other side and finish cooking.