Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cocktail = The Rope Swing

"I found myself an early victim of flu season this past winter. Several of my childhood friends from Texas suggested various remedies- from Caldo to Toddies. The messages I received from people I haven't seen since childhood sent me back into my memories of Texas, and I started thinking again about how much I missed the Hill Country. So.... I came up with this "remedy"- I'm not so keen on the taste of toddies so I skipped over it all together- and came up with this cocktail, giving it the name of "The Rope Swing". It's my tribute to the times my brother and I spent swinging from long, knotted ropes into the chilly Guadalupe River. It may not work for the flu, but really...does anything? I'll sit back and sip on this, and imagine I'm back in the country, cooling off at Shumacher's Crossing in Hunt, Texas. It's pretty good in the summer too." - Corey
What You Need:
Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey 1 3/4 fl. Oz.
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice 1/2 each
Sweet Tea 2 fl. Oz.
Cherry Syrup 1/4 fl. Oz.
Fresh Mint 1 sprig
Fresh Lemon Juice 1/4 each
Orange Wheel Garnish 1 each
Brandied Cherry Garnish 1 each
How You Make It:
1. Combine the whiskey, orange juice (use fresh squeezed, you can use the unused half to garnish), sweet tea, fresh lemon juice, and cherry syrup with the mint.
2. Shake vigorously with large ice cubes in a Boston shaker until it becomes frothy. The mint will break up into small pieces and flavor the cocktail.
3. Pour over ice, garnish with a brandied cherry.