Modern Farm Style and Design

The Modern Farm Table is proud to announce the addition of Gretchen Kubiak, founder and principal of Philadelphia design firm Black & Poole. Gretchen has shared her rustic sensibility with such high-profile clients as Jose Garces, and now brings that sense of refined simplicity to The Modern Farm Table. You can reach Gretchen and Black & Poole at . Welcome Gretchen! - Corey

Slate is a Great Stone for that Farmhouse Feel!

Just like our last post, I wanted to share a simple gesture that I use from the beginning phases, in construction, all the way through the finishing touches in decoration. Slate is a great dark natural stone that is rich in color and texture. It can be used fro floors, backsplash, countertops, and tabletop items.

    In this Kitchen you can see the use of slate on the floor. To get style like the Pros, set the tile in a “running-bond” or “brick-joint,” with a 1/16th inch grout joint. Use dark grout for easy cleaning and you are all set. Slate is a great contrast making statement; set it against whites or color. Try not to go too monochromatic; there is a risk of the slate looking too urban or masculine. Also, a nice touch is the use of an authentic black slate chalkboard on the backsplash. Bringing the material to eye level is a great way to make the space feel cohesive, and in this case, Modern Farm Chic! 

Here are a few accessories and resources to bring this look into your own home:

From Restoration Hardware, use a large scale chalkboard in the kitchen as decoration or as a substitute for backsplash.

Here is a Great Suite of Accessories from West Elm:

Adding Rustic Touches To Your Home...
Want to add some rustic touches to the dining room, lounge or kitchen? Consider pieces with an "X" or "criss-cross" style. This simple design element adds a rural sensibility to any room in the house. Here are a few images of inspiration:

Bring this bench inside to the dining room table. Throw a few cozy cushions on the seat and you have an instantly classic, chic rustic styled dining room.

Bulk up on these lanterns and fill the center of your dining table for amazing candlelight and a great cozy feeling.