Sunday, August 28, 2011

Soup = Corn + Smoked Salmon + Avocado + Chicharron de Harina

Serves 12 
what you need:
Fresh Corn, 4 ears
Unsalted Butter, 5 Tbsp.
Heavy Cream, 1/2 cup
Medium White Onions, minced, 1 1/2 each
Garlic cloves, minced, 2 each

Cumino, ground, 2 tsp.
Apple Cider Vinegar, 2 Tbsp.
Chicken Stock, 2 cups
Kosher Salt, to taste
White Pepper, ground, to taste
Cayenne Pepper, pinch
Smoked Salmon, 1/2 lb.

Avocado, diced, 3 each
Chicharron de Harina, fried and salted, 24 pieces
how you make it:
1.Remove the kernels from the corn cobs. Make sure there is no silk left. Scrape the cobs with the back of a knife to squeeze out any milk, reserving the liquid to put in the soup.

2. In a large pot, cook the onion, ground cumin, cayenne, and garlic in butter over medium heat until translucent and aromatic (about 20 minutes).
3. Add the corn kernels and the vinegar. 
4. Add the stock and reduce the heat to a simmer until the corn is tender (about 10 minutes). 
5. Add the corn milk and heavy cream and reduce by ¼.
6. Using a strainer, remove about ¼ of the corn and set aside.
7. Working in batches puree the soup in a blender.
8. Return to the heat and add the reserved corn. Taste for seasoning.
9. To serve, divide the corn soup evenly among bowls. Float 2 chicharron on top of the soup with a tablespoon of diced avocado and a few slices of smoked salmon.

*You can buy Chicharron de Harina at most grocery stores in International Foods sections.