Sunday, August 7, 2011

Night Market

My son's replica of Night Market

I've been taking my son to local farms and markets in hopes of helping him understand where food comes from and how it's grown. The benefit to me is that I get to spend time with my favorite person, and when we get back home I get to teach him how to cook in the same way I learned - watching at the foot of the stove and helping with some of the easier tasks. As part of his experience, I've decided to take every opportunity to introduce him to new types of food, and Night Market at Mt. Airy provided just the right opportunity. We arrived at a crowded Night Market and hit as many food trucks as time would allow, and my boy, who usually doesn't sit still for long, waited patiently for a Dapper Dog and Strawberry Water Ice. Later, we hit Gigi and Big R and worked our way over to Sweet Box (who sold out in record time). Small moments like seeing him sitting on a curb digging into his first water ice are golden to me. As a father, you can only hope that the times you spend with your son have some lasting effect. Today, he appeared at my side and excitedly announced that he had a surprise for me. Leading me to his room, he showed me his replica of Night Market, complete with skyline and food trucks. "See Daddy-o, this is chicken food twuck (Gigi and Big R) and this is ice cream food twuck." I couldn't be happier.... I'm a proud Daddy-o!

music pairing: elbow - lippy kids